Bundle of JOY

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Introducing our Bundle of JOY – your ultimate companion for a hassle-free menstrual cycle! Priced at just RM100, this bundle is curated to provide you with maximum comfort and convenience.

Whether you're already a dedicated BOBBLE user or you're curious to try our products for the first time, this bundle is a fantastic investment. It's perfect for stocking up for your monthly cycle, preparing for postpartum essentials, or even as a thoughtful gift for a friend, cousin, or female family member! Each bundle includes: 

  • 3 x boxes of Organic Cotton Regular Flow Pads (16pcs/ per box)
  • 3 x boxes of Organic Cotton Heavy Flow Pads (10pcs/ per box)
  • A mystery gift (ranging from fashion to skincare)
When it comes to your comfort and well-being, nothing beats the best!