Communicating Through Menstrual Cycles with our Partners

Communicating Through Menstrual Cycles with our Partners

Ever had an argument with your partner during your menstrual cycle? The constant back and forth, the confusion and frustration can cause a strain in our relationships. Oftentimes, we forget that communication is the key in ensuring a happy, healthy and understanding relationship. 

Today, we will discuss how we can appropriately communicate through our menstrual cycles with our partners. Recently, we had an Instagram Live with Amanda Luukinen, who is a women’s health and wellness coach. Amanda also works on empowerment and alignment with the heart and truth. Alongside Amanda, our founder Malisse Tan  discussed the topic of communication, and creating a safe space for both parties to be open and honest.

Menstrual cycles affect our communication in multiple ways and can affect almost every area of life. As energy levels fluctuate, the daily routine we normally have no problems completing is left on the backburner. For example, simple chores around the house need to be rethought and put on hold, plans made with friends may need to be rescheduled and date nights with our partners end up being cancelled. Libido may also fluctuate, which needs to be openly communicated with partners to prevent and avoid arguments.

 The key of communication is to better understand ourselves first by being aware and paying more attention to ourselves, then only showing our partners how to better understand us.

The more we acknowledge how our bodies work before, during and after our menstrual cycles, the better we can empower not only ourselves, but also the people around us. Through this, not only will we be more honest with ourselves and our intimate partners, but these are also the honest conversations that can be brought forth with the younger generation - especially since in Southeast Asian countries, the overall topic of menstrual cycles are shunned and are considered taboo. 

As we progress into a more open collective of empowered individuals, these are the conversations we need to have with our children, to unravel the stigma surrounding periods. 

We live in the 21st century, so here are a few tips for the partners out there that have no clue where to start, and what to ask; 

Period Tips for intimate partners on what to ask Menstruators;

  1. How do periods affect overall well being
  2. What support is needed during menstruation, and at certain times of the month
  3. How much do products cost 
  4. When does the cycle begin and end

Sometimes, our partners need a little guidance for them to empathise with menstruators and the whole ordeal of bleeding every single month. We should do our part to establish a safe environment for our partners to ask and learn from us because hey, they’re only able to visualise what we go through if we bring them along for the ride. 

All in all, it's a team effort to ensure both parties are comfortable in voicing out any concerns regarding the menstrual cycle. So, what are you waiting for? Have that conversation with your partner over some tea and biscuits!