POP X BOBBLE Post-Partum Bundle (Limited Edition)

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This special self-care kit is specially put together for new mamas, that's looking for a combination of post-partum care products.  Post-partum recovery is no easy feat, and to add to that, it's like your period came back all over again - but heavier! Some stretch marks and saggy skin might also have developed after giving birth.

Let us give you a peace of mind  and support you through that first month of a new normal! Products to help firm, hydrate, improves skin elasticity, repair, and tightens skin and also organic cotton pads from BOBBLE to support the post-partum flow.

In this bundle, you will receive:

  • 1 x BOBBLE Post-Natal Organic Cotton Pads Bundle
    (x1 box of Night Pads, x1 box of Day Pads, x1 box of Pantyliners)
  • 1 x POP Intense Firming Oil (115ml)
  • 2 x POP Thermo Belly Mask Sheet  
  • 1 x POP Shea Body Butter