LOVE how comfy it is!
Normal pads are really uncomfortable and suffocating for me. I was afraid it might leak since it’s quite thin, but so far so good.

Melissa Khor

Love how sleek the packaging is in my bathroom. I no longer have to hide bulky plastic packaging that usually come with pads! Thanks BOBBLE


The size is right and the material is good. Other brands sometimes scratch the sides of the vagina area but BOBBLE has been comfortable for me.
So far, I'm a satisfied customer!

Michelle Chan

I loved all the products! I found all of them very comfortable, soft on my skin, nothing rubbing in the wrong place and didn't cause any irritations. They were breathe-able too! No hot or stickiness when I wore them. They were easy to put on and dispose of. Also a comfortable size in terms of width and length for my body/ underwear.

I really loved being able to use a tampon when I needed it. I haven't worn any for a long time except once recently when I was desperate. It wasn't organic and was laden with chemicals. My vagina reacted badly to it. Did not like it AT ALL and I had to take it out. So I could tell these were good quality and well made because I had no adverse reactions when I used them. - 

- I gave your products to a couple of my friends who needed them and they also found the products very comfortable!

Hannah Lo

The pantyliners I tried was very good, very absorbent, comfortable and
leaves me feeling so dry that I barely noticed it.


I believe it’s about time we get more environmentally friendly and most importantly we know what our sanitary products are made of.


Clean and minimal packaging. wouldn't mind switching between BOBBLE pads and moon cups during the time of the month


I used your tampons with a reusable applicator,
it was so comfortable that at one point I forgot it was in there! I also like that your pads are not scented.
One of the things I hate most about generic brands are the perfumed scents! 

Vivien Khor

I like how you guys provide a variety of products.
Not just pads but tampons and pantyliners too.
I only started using pads after 10 years, and thankfully your products work well with me!

Rehan Zainal

I love how slim it is and it’s really odourless compared to other brands! Like when you know you throw the pads and then they keep compiling and there’ll be a smell, but with yours it’s less!

Amelia Chan

Good quality organic product and affordable price point. Attractive packaging.


I like how thin and wide they are;
less mess!

Sin Hue

It’s really comfy and great, and I feel safe considering the materials

Annie Phua

Love the packaging, it's simple, clean and easy to manage. The slimness of the pad is another innovative feature as most pads in the market are thick.
So slim, it doesn't feel like you're wearing a pad!


I absolutely love BOBBLE pads.
Super comfy and it feels like I’m wearing soft cotton. Love it!

Dynas Mokhtar

I just wanted to let you know that I just finished my first period with BOBBLE pads. And I must tell you it's the most comfortable pad I have ever worn! 

I used to be a menstrual cup user but that didn't work out for me, but I still wanted to make a right choice for both the environment and my body. 
This was the most relaxed period I've had!

I'm using the panty liners daily too. Extremely comfortable and breathable as well!


The pantyliners, day pads & night pads are so thin which I really love! And I did not experience any leakage. Love the eco-friendly packaging too!


It is comfortable and nice and doesn't feel moist after a whole day's use... if u know what i mean


There are not many sanitary products in Malaysia that are organic or even eco-friendly.

Knowing that Bobble is completely biodegradable and organic gives me some peace of mind as to what I’m putting in my body.

I love how Bobble pads are really comfortable and breathable.
They don’t produce a funky smell either after a whole day of using them.

Mei Theen

Finally managed to try the products out and I love it! It’s so thin and easy to carry around during rush meeting days as well as travel with. The tampons are tiny yet perfect for heavy flow.

Juanita Ramayah

It's been good!! I love that its thin and super breathable. I also love that it is made of organic products - so I know I'm using a safe product for my body :) Oh I also love how looooong the night pad is!

Yen Teng

Love the products!
As I'm sensitive to dry pad technology, it was hard to find products that are comfortable and safe.

BOBBLE pads are thin enough and don’t irritate me.
I know it’s the organic cotton!

Atika Sarwono

I choose BOBBLE not just because of comfort, but it’s environmentally friendly. Keep it up!


So comfortable to wear even to work! Lightweight but good quality 👍🏼


Happy to find a Malaysian brand with sanitary products that are both eco-friendly and friendly to my body. Would recommend for all to consider BOBBLE!

Yin Shyen

Great packaging! I like that it is also eco-friendly!


I tried BOBBLE’s pantyliner and I love it cause it’s super super soft, and almost invisible feeling but does what it’s supposed to do seamlessly.
Love that it’s also organic and the packaging is all biodegradable.

Great product, BOBBLE team!

Nisa Hadian

Had a chance to use the night pads as aunt flo came this weekend. I have to say, it is super absorbent!
So I found that I was dry the entire day without having to change frequently. Just one change when I had my shower. No odour either which is awesome!

Azrene Ahmad

I love the products! I’ve been using tampons, there’s not much options here In Malaysia to be honest.
So it was nice to try something new and better!

Freya Shaari

Honestly liked the pads. I love that I'm using less chemicals during my period!

Lina Esa

Thank you for this.
Daughter said it feels really good,
she forgets she’s wearing it!

Wan Hallena

It is comfortable and nice and doesn't feel moist after a whole day's use... if u know what i mean