EmpowHER PopSocket

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Get your hands on BOBBLE "Let It Flow" PopSocket and make a statement wherever you go! This eye-catching accessory not only adds flair to your phone but also supports a powerful message of menstrual equality and empowerment. With its sturdy grip and stylish design, the "Let It Flow" PopSocket is perfect for showing your support for breaking taboos around menstruation. Let your phone stand out while advocating for change – because menstruation matters!

Express your support for gender inclusivity with BOBBLE "Blood Has No Gender" PopSocket! This versatile accessory serves as a reminder that menstruation is a natural and universal experience, regardless of gender identity. With its bold design and practical functionality, the "Blood Has No Gender" PopSocket not only adds a touch of style to your device but also promotes inclusivity and acceptance. Stand proud and make a statement with this empowering accessory – because everyone deserves recognition and respect, regardless of gender.

*Please note that colours may appear slightly different from the real item due to lighting and computer display.